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Search Engine Optimization

The art of being Number 1 on Google!

Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated as SEO) is a powerful digital marketing strategy for companies willing to be more visible on the Internet. Efficient SEO actions make your website rank high on search engines' results pages and receive organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Eniro and others.

Search engines, especially Google, are major marketing channels today: they can represent more than 50% of a website's traffic. It is estimated that there are over 100 billion searches worldwide each month and that nearly half of those are in relation to shopping or people looking to buy products or services online.

If you have a good placement on relevant keywords, it means that you have a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website, thereby reaching the right customers to increase your sales or your brand awareness.

our vision

We always work with the vision that a relationship with our customers should be long term. This is achieved by helping our clients through education and informing them about the best digital strategies to implement. When we take care of a project, we follow Google’s guidelines for websites, knowing that Search Engine Optimization will provide ongoing returns for the long term. We help you with everything you might need from an SEO point of view and we love to share our knowledge about what works today.

Our SEO services

The SEO process is about 4 steps. You may of course implement the steps individually if you'd like, but they are all equally important if you want to achieve the best results possible on search engines.


Keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is performed to see how competitors and search volume affect your potential keywords. Here we evaluate your actual situation and your marketing goals based on the keywords you want to optimize. We will tell you how difficult we think the targeted words are and we will look for relevant keywords you may have missed.


On page analysis & Content optimization

We review your website to optimize it in the best way possible for the chosen keywords. Our actions are part of a complete SEO strategy to increase your website's domain authority with a positive impact on many other keywords as well. You will also receive useful tips for other pages and content, besides your priority keywords. The optimization performed will naturally have an effect on your entire website, which is included in our full SEO service.


Off site analysis & Link building

Here begins our work for long term results. This is when we start building backlinks which effectively push you higher up on your keywords. To achieve the best results, new links will be placed on sources outside of your website. If necessary, we can also create our own platforms in order to find the best link locations related to your industry. As an extra outcome, it usually means you will receive visitors from these websites as well as from your keywords' higher rankings.


Reporting & SEO tracking

Each month you will receive a report informing you of the position of your selected keywords in search engines. Our experts will follow up your project's results and adapt the strategy and actions accordingly. Social Media Lab has helped both large and small companies with their Search Engine Optimization strategy. Each company has different requirements, platforms, resources and needs. Therefore we do not believe in a ready-to-use package but rather on flexible and tailored solutions.